The Vineyards


Garnier Vineyard - Sauvignon Blanc & Grenache

Garnier Vineyard sits just east of Mosier, Oregon on the southern bank of the Columbia River in the beautiful Columbia Gorge. Volcanic eruptions, ancient basalt flows and glacial floods have left a dramatic geology characterized by weathered rock & lean soils. Vines are planted on the river terraces in sandy loam amongst numerous basalt protrusions and surrounded by pear & cherry orchards as well as pine forests transitioning to oaks and grasslands. The fruit benefits from abundant sunshine & breezes that dominate here and result in wines that are vivid, vibrant and subtly saline.

Gqarnier Vineyard

Poco Vineyard - Pinot Noir

Situated at the Northern end of the Eola Hills, Poco Vineyard sits hilltop at 700ft with a very gentle north westward slope. The vineyard has been meticulously farmed for over 20 years by the Hudson family and sits adjacent to their beautiful home, gardens and solar array. Soil here is volcanically derived (Jory) and produces incredibly expressive Pinot Noir with great purity of fruit, bright acidity and plush, succulent tannins.


Three Trees Vineyard - Pinot Noir

Three Trees Vineyard is perched at 700 feet in the Amity Hills with a commanding view southwest towards the Van Duzer Corridor, the gap in the coast range through which cooling winds and weather shape the climate here. It is a hilltop refuge created by the Wheeler family who have built their home & lives here over the last 20 years. They bring an intimate sense stewardship and care to their farming and a deep understanding of place. The soil here is volcanically derived (Nekia) that is shallow and rocky and results in wines of brightness, tension, brambly fruit notes and earth.

Three Trees Vineyard
Chehalem Mountain Vineyard

Chehalem Mountain Vineyard - Chardonnay

After several years trialing Chardonnay from different vineyards and AVAs within the Willamette Valley we narrowed our focus to the Chehalem Mountains and specifically Chehalem Mountain Vineyard. This site is a series of gentle benches between the southern knuckle of the Chehalem Mountains and Ribbon Ridge. Soil here is marine sedimentary with a gentle south-facing slope at 450 feet in elevation. Clonal selection is old Wente and 76, both tried and true expressions of Oregon chardonnay. The site’s provenance is its adjacency to the spot where Oregon wine pioneer Dick Erath first planted Chardonnay in 1974.